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Brain Mnemonics

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Brain Mnemonics

Michael Britt
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In this eBook I show you how you can memorize really abstract words - like the parts of the brain. 

 Do you know the 4 lobes of your brain off hand? You will be amazed how an odd phrase an image like "Freud Tore his Pants Off" will help you easily remember your brain lobes FOR YEARS.

Say goodbye to repetitive, rote memorization. It doesn't work well and it won't lead to lasting memories.

Brain Mnemonics is the eBook that will help you use your brain to memorize your brain.

• 35 parts of the brain are covered, including types of brain scans and neurotransmitters (see list below)

• A variety of scientifically proven memory techniques are used including keywords, bizarre images, rhythm, and alliteration.

• Hundreds of thousands of students of psychology, nursing, biology and other majors have use these mnemonics to quickly memorize the parts - and function - of the brain, neurons, and neurotransmitters.

Mnemonics to help you remember:

4 Lobes of the Brain:

* Acronym to help you remember the four lobes

* Occipital Lobe

* Parietal Lobe

* Frontal Lobe

* Temporal

Brain Parts:

* Hippocampus

* Amygdala

* Thalamus

* Cerebellum

* Hypothalamus

* Broca’s Area

* Wernicke’s Area

The Brainstem:

* Pons

* Reticular Formation

* Medulla

The Neuron:

* Dendrites

* Soma

* Axon

* Myelin Sheath

* Nodes of Ranvier

* Synaptic Vesicles

* Synapse

* Glial cells

* Resting and Action Potential

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System


* Serotonin

* Dopamine

* Acetylcholine


Brain Scans:


* CT


* fMRI


Surprise yourself at how fast you can learn - and have fun with the Brain Mnemonics eBook. 

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